The Audi A4 is a long-running large saloon and estate car produced by Audi, a German manufacturer which is part of the Volkswagen Group, with the current generation of the model being released onto the market in 2008.

The first generation of the Audi A4 went into production in late 1994 to replace the Audi 80.  This was followed in late 2000 by the second generation of the A4, shortly after which the range was expanded to include a 2-door convertible.  The third generation Audi A4 was unveiled in late 2004, utilising a modified version of the Volkswagen B6 platform used for its predecessor, which lasted until it was superceded by the current A4 model.

More recent used examples of the Audi A4 will be readily available not only as private purchases, but also through large independent motor dealerships, and through approved used cars sales at Audi’s main dealer network.  Audi’s main dealer network covers around 120 sites across the UK. Purchasing a used Audi A4 at a reputable used car dealership, or through approved used car sales at an Audi main dealer, may give piece of mind to buyers, for example the car may come with a warranty, even if the purchase price may be slightly higher.

With the length of time the Audi A4 has been in production, many older examples will be found on the used car market.  The Audi A4 has always enjoyed a reputation for refinement and build quality and, as a result, there may be a significant number of high mileage vehicles amongst older examples.  It may be worth shopping around to find a lower-mileage Audi A4, or for one with full service history.  The oldest examples of the Audi A4 will largely be available through private sellers.  It is always best to ensure you are getting what you paid for, and there are a number of companies offering checks to ensure the car you are looking to buy has not been stolen, has not been written off, and does not have outstanding finance owed on it.