Features of the latest generation Audi A4

The Audi A4’s quattro system works with a chassis incorporating five-link front suspension and a trapezoidal link at the rear - both featuring a high lightweight aluminium content.

The mounts of the rear suspension control arms and the characteristics of the shock absorbers are  finely tuned.

In the V6 quattro variants Audi offers the sport differential as an option which actively distributes the power between the rear wheels as required.

Electromechanical power steering is fitted to all models in the series. Its direct gear ratios work offer precise response and it draws no power from the engine when running in the straight-ahead position, thereby improving fuel economy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 7g/km. This is more important in a new car rather than used bike for example.

There’s an efficiency mode for Audi drive select. In its standard form, it enables the driver to alter the throttle response, the shift points of the automatic transmission, the power steering feel and the automatic air conditioning between the four modes - comfort, auto,dynamic and efficiency.

The latter sets all the elements, plus the climate control system, to operate at their most fuel-sparing level.

If the optional navigation system is on board, Audi drive select also includes an ‘individual’ mode which allows more fine-tuning. And if options such as dynamic steering and damper control are also added, the ratio of the steering and the response of the shock absorbers are also governed by the drive select controls.

All front-wheel-drive versions of the A4 feature the electronic stability programme (ESP) with electronic limited slip differential.

When negotiating more challenging roads the system initiates minimum brake interventions at the front wheel that is subject to a reduced load on the inside of a bend. The large brakes – with ventilated front and rear discs in many variants – can be precisely modulated.

Visually, the A4 range begins with a reworked bumper with angled air inlets and flat fog lights which leads into a revised single frame grille with tapered upper edges and redesigned cross ribs.