The Advantages of Leasing Vs. Buying the Audi A4

If you have decided that you would like to get yourself a new Audi A4 executive class car then the next decision which you face is how to go about paying for it. There are, of course, a wide range of options available to you at this point, and each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. None of them is inherently better or worse than the others, but rather each one will be best suited to different people depending on their resources and their needs.

A car lease means that you are effectively hiring the car over an extended period of time. This will vary depending on the particular lease deal which you decide to take up, and could be for just a single year, or more commonly for three or four years. Because you are not actually buying the car, when the fixed lease period runs out then you will be asked to return the vehicle.

One of the main advantages of taking up a lease compared to buying a car outright is that you do not need a large sum of money in advance, and the monthly payments which will be required will be lower than they would be if you were taking out a financing plan to purchase a vehicle.

Leases are popular with businesses wanting to provide a company car to their employees, and as the A4 is an executive class car that means that this will be a popular option for this model. The reason that leasing is popular for company car buyers is because it makes it easier for the company to have the right number of cars without needing to constantly buy and sell vehicles – they just lease the number of cars they need and then hand them back or exchange them for a new lease at the end of the term.

This can also be an advantage for private buyers -if you do not want to hassle of selling your car when you want to get a new one for yourself then a lease may well appeal to you. The lease option may also appeal to someone who wants to buy drive a good quality car such as the Audi A4, for a few years, with the minimum possible monthly expense.  Of course you won’t have the value of the used car at the end of the fixed term, but if you just want the best possible car that you can afford right now then this is definitely an option which is worth looking at.