Audi A4 Cabriolet

Audi’s A4 Cabriolet is a top-notch choice for buyers who are looking for high-end style. The Audi delivers quality, performance, and class. The Cabriolet still sports the traditional cloth folding roof, even though the industry has begun to move more toward the metal folding versions.

This mid-sized premium convertible delivers exactly what buyers want, and has no trouble keeping up with the competition. The Cabriolet has four seats, a folding cloth roof, and a good sized boot. The car’s handling has been improved to deliver better driver satisfaction.

Other improvements include a variety of engine choices including a diesel engine, and less body shaking. The car proudly displays Audi’s large distinctive grille that is trademark on all their models.

The simple yet stylish Cabriolet sells mostly because it is a good-looking car and people tend to look good driving it. The cloth roof is practical too. Unlike the metal ones, the cloth roofs retract and only take up a fraction of boot space. The metal roofs tend to retract and take up the entire boot.

The fact that the Cabriolet seats four people instead of two makes it a practical and useful choice as well.


The Cabriolet is an expensive car, and choosing a few choice options only makes it more costly. Maintenance and upkeep expenses will depend on engine choice. The fabric roof may also influence the cost of insurance.

Audi’s Cabriolet lives up to the hype with its seating for four. Four adults can comfortably ride in the A4. Cabin space is good and storage space within the cabin is adequate. The boot is fairly large and accommodating.

Audi is constantly improving its cabin designs and controls. The main controls are easy to access and use and the displays are clearly visible and easy to read. The stereo is in a handy spot with duplicate controls mounted on the steering wheel. One concern is the location of the climate control panel. It is located too low and the buttons are difficult to operate.

The Cabriolet’s seats are comfortable and supportive, and adjust to fit most drivers. Front seat passengers enjoy good head and legroom, but rear passengers have more limited legroom. Road and engine noise is minimized when the top is up.

The cars large doors make front seat access quite easy. The roof is set high enough that it is not awkward getting in. Rear accessibility can be more difficult. Passengers sitting in the rear must climb over the folded down front seats to get in. This may limit access for some passengers. The A4’s boot is large and easily accessible for loading and unloading various cargo.

The forward view from the Cabriolet is good, but he rear view is limited with the roof up and can be slightly difficult to park. Of course, with the roof down visibility improves drastically.

Life Style

Although the A4 platform has improved, BMW’s 3 series is still much more enjoyable. The Cabriolet does come with the choice of several good engines. The two that really stand out are the 2.0-litre FSI turbo petrol and the diesel engine. The A4 is more of a fast paced cruiser than a performance car.

The A4 does have family appeal. The car comfortably accommodates four adults. This is a good scenario for a growing family. The car has a fairly large boot space, but not large enough to accommodate a stroller or similar sized cargo.

The Cabriolet is probably very appealing to most new drivers, and if the driver can afford the car and running costs, the Cabriolet would make an excellent first car. It is easy to drive and the controls are simple and easy to use. Parking the Cabriolet gets easier with practice, even with the top up. The price is the big draw back to purchasing the A4 as a first car. Unless money is not an object, the driver would be better off purchasing a less expensive car.

Audi has a great image in general. They have a large loyal following that is due partly to the masculinity of their image, and partly to the fact that they consistently produce quality, dependable products.

Security and Safety

The Cabriolet A4 is equipped with the usual standard security devices. It comes with remote central locking and a remote boot release. There are several security upgrades on the option list as well. The Cabriolet has always been in high demand and security measures are necessary. The cloth roof can pose a security risk.

The A4 comes equipped with twin front and side airbags, electronic stability controls, and ABS. The car comes with roll bars that immerge if the car’s sensors detect that the car is tipping over.


The Finishing Touches

The standard stereo system produces good sound quality and an easy to read display. The stereos main controls are duplicated on the steering wheel. Upgrades include a CD changer, a hands free telephone, and sat-nav.

Most exterior colors look good on the A4, silver and dark blue metallic shades seem to work best. The roof color shouldn’t clash with the exterior color.  Cabin color can be dark or light, and the buyer always has the choice of leather.


The A4 is not the sportiest convertible on the market, but it does out shine the competitors in practicality and holds its own as far as style goes. The cloth roof may be going out of style, but it saves boot space. This car is spacious, seats four adults, looks great, and is fun to drive.